Our Rooms

Baby Bears Room

3 months to 2 Years

There is one large rooms, Baby Bear Room and also a dining room and sleep room dedicated solely to our babies. Our babies also have daily access to the outdoor play area.

  • For babies, the need to explore becomes apparent as they begin to crawl, stand and walk. As communication and language begins to develop, we offer various resources to stimulate their senses and encourage exploration. We focus on experiences that encourage movement and play games that inspire communication through babbling and laughter.
  • Our teams are specially trained to care for babies and toddlers and we will work closely with you to make sure that your child’s regular routines and sleep patterns are followed throughout the day.

Mummy Bears Room

2 to 3 Years

Our 2 – 3-year room has been designed to provide the best experiences for our children. We are passionate that we get this right and have invested time in developing each area considering every stage of development.

  • Active learning and the desire to be involved in new experiences is what we foster and encourage amongst our children. We motivate them to try new things and to enjoy different experiences which helps and supports them to feel a sense of achievement as well as the skill to keep on trying
  • Our children have free access to many activities during the day. Children are encouraged to progress and become more confident and independent through their play. Play is more purposeful and children are encouraged to develop other skills through the wide range of indoor and outdoor play equipment we have on offer.

Daddy Bears Room

3 to 5 Years

Daddy Bears Room welcomes children in the term that they are three and they stay here until they go to school. The bright and spacious Pre-School room offers excellent facilities for learning through play.  Through play children’s skills, knowledge and attitudes for learning are being developed and they are learning more about their own important place in our world. Staff encourage children to talk about what interests them and our team uses this information to plan activities.

  • We encourage a mixture of child-led and adult-led activities which are a result of spontaneous reactions between adults and the children. To prepare the children for the move to school they are encouraged and supported to develop independence in self-care, self-confidence and social and communication skills.
  • Children in Daddy Bear Room also have free-flow access to the attached, secure, garden at all times. The garden is ideal for all sorts of activities, from painting and messy play to planting seeds in the growing garden and building obstacle courses.
  • Our intention in Daddy Bear Room is for our children to be confident youngsters prepared and ready for when their time comes to go to their next stage of learning at school.