About Us

Welcome to Goldilocks Nursery

Our goal is to ensure that we provide the highest quality childcare that is accessible and affordable. We aim to help children become successful learners and confident individuals. To accomplish this, we give children opportunities to develop at their own pace through constructive progressive play. We also have good links with speech & language early years advisors and specialist teachers. Your children will be safe, loved and stimulated in an enjoyable, well-maintained and home-style environment.

Our objective is for your child to leave our nursery with the confidence and skills to help them meet the challenges that lie ahead in the school system and beyond. We passionately believe this is to be a joint effort between the nursery and parents, and to that end we will promote a healthy understanding and respect for natural values in all aspects of the nursery environment.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the core statutory framework for children from birth to the end of their reception year, is the basis for all planning.

As a childcare provider we ensure that children are supported in seven areas of learning. These areas shape the educational programmes that we offer and all learning is developed through fun and play-based activities. There are three prime areas and four specific areas, these stimulate children’s love of learning and build on their skills so that they can thrive, communicate, form relationships and learn.

In the early years the curriculum is based on skills children need to acquire rather than on information they need to learn. Each year, the nursery makes long term, medium term and short term curriculum plans. This allows us to organise interesting activities and programmes that support the children in working towards all the targets. Although the Foundation Stage document covers what the children need to learn and how they need to learn, the nursery is left to develop its own style and approach.



Staff are recruited for their qualifications, professionalism and experiences. They are chosen for their love of children and their ability to provide great care and dedication. We look for what they can offer the children. This is paramount when we choose our team at Goldilocks Nursery.

All key positions are held by people with recognised qualifications, skills and experiences. A rigorous check of DBS and comprehensive induction processes are carried out on all members of our team, volunteers and students who join us

Our team aims to build close relationships with each child to ensure their individual needs are met and to work in partnership with parents and carers to guarantee their child feels happy and secure at Goldilocks Nursery
We operate a key person system where each child has a main carer with whom parents can relate to and who will be the first point of contact for any queries, requests or clarifications.



1 : 3
for Babies

1 : 4
for Toddlers

1 : 8
for Preschool (3 – 5)


Our cook prepares all the nursery meals on the premises with fresh ingredients. They are nutritionally balanced meals which are appetising and healthy. To ensure  that the children eat different meals each day we run a four week menu with something different each day

We have developed a mealtime policy at the nursery, as we strongly believe that early food experiences can set patterns for life.

  • Older children are encouraged to help lay the table prior to mealtime
  • Children are encouraged to wash their hands before meals
  • Members of staff sit with the children so that mealtimes can be a sociable occasion – learning to talk and listening to each other
  • Children learn how to use child-sized cutlery, good manners and about sharing food



Healthy morning snack is served at 8:30am for all children.

LUNCH - 12:00PM

Freshly prepared hot lunch are served at 12noon.

SNACK - 2:00PM

Vegetables & Savoury Snacks


A selection of various tea time menus of which all include Sliced Fruits, Vegetables & Savoury snacks

PLEASE NOTE: Menu is subject to change to accommodate Themed days, events and activities within the nursery, plus public holidays.

Allergen Notice

Food Allergies & Intolerances

Parents are advised to let our staff know if any food may cause your child an allergic reaction prior to enrolment. If you would like to know the list of ingredients used in a particular dish from our menu our Manager/Deputy Manager will be happy to assist you.

We recognise the importance of introducing a diverse range of delicious flavours to encourage good, healthy eating habits for the future. Our recipe’s are loved by the children and we serve food that even the fussiest eaters enjoy.